Sustainable Green Printing Partnership Announces First Verified Printers

Sustainable Green Printing Partnership Announces First Verified Printers

The Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP) has named the first printers to receive certification for their environmentally friendly practices.

Pictura Graphics and Pratt Corporation are the first two SGP Verified Printers, a label given to businesses that use green practices in the products they make, their printing processes and how they run their business.

The SGP's verification criteria cover product materials, manufacturing processes, equipment and technology, energy use, overall building operations and employee actions.

Verified printers must use materials from renewable resources, maximize recycling efforts, encourage their suppliers to take up green practices, implement a system such as ISO 9000/14001, create a sustainability committee, monitor their progress using the SGP Printer Metrics and comply with all environmental, health, safety and employee regulations.

Printers must also attempt to follow best practices developed by the SGP: reduce production waste, minimize energy use, recycle scrap materials, use Energy Star equipment, reuse packaging and discuss with customers the impacts of different material, layout, packaging and logistic choices.

A printer can be named either an SGP Verified Printer or a Candidate Pending Verification, meaning the company does not fully meet the verification criteria, but is working towards compliance. Currently, four other printers are awaiting certification as SGP Verified Printers.

The SGP was formed in June 2007, with the goal of acting as a source for green printing practices, by the Printing Industries of America/Graphic Arts Technical Foundation, Specialty Graphic Imaging Association and Flexographic Technical Association. When the SGP was developing its criteria, about 40 companies offered their facilities for evaluation. The SGP chose 11, including Pictura and Pratt, as beta test sites. In late August the SGP opened up the application process, and says it has received more than 700 inquiries about the program.

SGP verification is currently only for printers in the U.S. and Canada, and certification is given per facility. After being named an SGP Verified Printer, a facility must submit annual progress reports and undergo a verification audit every two years.