Updated Green Seal Cleaning Products Standard Focuses on Kids, Vulnerable Populations

Updated Green Seal Cleaning Products Standard Focuses on Kids, Vulnerable Populations

Protecting the health of school-age children and other sensitive and vulnerable populations is a key focus of latest version of the Green Seal Environmental Standard for Industrial and Institutional Cleaners, the organization said releasing its updated guidelines.

The new version, issued August 29 and announced last week, is the fourth edition of the standard that Green Seal calls GS-37, which was first released in 2000.

The standard sets environmental requirements for cleaning products used in professional and public settings. The guidelines cover institutional and industrial general-purpose, restroom, glass and carpet cleaners: products that are used to clean offices, institutions, warehouses and industrial facilities.

Based on research and discussions among stakeholders, the fourth edition of the standard is aimed at making Green Seal-approved products safer for vulnerable populations, including children in schools and childcare, patients in long-term care facilities such as nursing homes and the people who use the cleaning products or are exposed to them on a regular basis, the organization said.

The latest version represents 21 months of work to bring the guidelines into alignment with the latest research and technological developments, increased health awareness and other industry concerns, according to Green Seal.

The primary goal of the revision is to "ensure that it continues to represent an environmental leadership standard in the marketplace and, vitally, to incorporate criteria that fully protects human health, including that of children and custodial workers," Green Seal President and CEO Arthur Weissman said in a statement.

Green Seal, founded in 1989, is an independent nonprofit organization that promotes the manufacture, purchase and use of environmentally responsible products and services. In addition to standard-setting, the group provides certification services and public education regarding its goals and efforts.