JohnsonDiversey to Invest Millions to Cut Carbon Footprint

JohnsonDiversey to Invest Millions to Cut Carbon Footprint

JohnsonDiversey plans to spend $19 million to reduce its carbon emissions 8 percent during the next five years.

The company expects a handsome return on its investment: $31 million. That's the amount it will save in reduce energy costs under a pledge to the World Wildlife Fund's Climate Savers program.

The commitment could set a new standard for the cleaning industry, said WWF President and CEO Carter Roberts.

"Changes in corporate business practices are essential if we are to see real progress in tackling climate change, one of the most critical issues facing the world today," Roberts said.

The $19 million investment will target three main areas: boosting fleet efficiency, retrofitting its manufacturing plants and buildings around the world to improve energy efficiency, and adding on-site alternative energy generation. It intends to reduce emissions by 89,000 tons.

The company operates 31 manufacturing plants and offices in 56 countries.

Other Climate Savers include IBM, Nike, Sony, Nokia, IBM, HP, Polaroid, Catalyst, Tetra Pak, Xanterra Parks and Resorts, Lafarge, The Collins Companies, Sagawa Express, Novo Nordisk, Spitsbergen Travel, and Johnson and Johnson.