Alcoa and Pew Partner for Smaller Employee Carbon Footprints

Alcoa and Pew Partner for Smaller Employee Carbon Footprints

Alcoa has partnered with the Pew Center on Global Climate Change to help the company's employees and local communities reduce their carbon footprints.

The aluminum giant and Pew launched the "Make an Impact" program Thursday to help workers and individuals calculate their carbon impacts, reduce energy consumption and find local outreach opportunities. The program was introduced at nine U.S. locations from Washington and Pittsburgh.

"We expect this program to serve as a benchmark on personal carbon accounting across business and the community and we look forward to sharing it with our business partners in the near future," Pew Center President Eileen Claussen said in a statement.

The website allows users to perform individual carbon footprint analyses with custom planning. It also offers tips for reducing environmental impacts related to home, work, travel, recycling, landscaping and shopping. Users may also share their stories, as well as add and find local resources, such as farmers markets, carpool services or events.

The program was inspired by a similar 2006 effort in Australia through an Alcoa Foundation partnership with Greening Australia. In the last year, Alcoa Foundation invested more than $8 million in community-oriented climate change projects.

Alcoa plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from its operations 33 percent below 1990 levels.