Design Contest Offers $10,000 Prize to Up and Coming Innovators

Design Contest Offers $10,000 Prize to Up and Coming Innovators

Metropolis magazine is looking to the next generation of designers and architects to solve one of the today's bigger problems: soaring energy consumption —  and the periodical is offering a $10,000 prize to the person or team with the best solution.

The monthly magazine issued its challenge yesterday in announcing its sixth annual Next Generation Design Competition for designers, architects and practitioners in related fields who have been in the business for 10 years or less. The contest is also open to students.

In calling for entries that help will society end its "energy addiction," contest organizers said proposals may involve design at any level.

"Design solutions come in many forms and we are committed to the entire breadth of the spectrum — interior design, urban planning, landscape design, product design, graphic design, communication design, furniture design, industrial design, lighting design — in addition to architecture," the magazine said.

Although submissions may be in any stage of development, all entries must have the potential to be realized, said spokeswoman Kimberly Taylor.  "We ask for a business plan that takes the idea from the concept stage to real life," she said.

The deadline for entries is January 30, 2009.

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