Regulations, Cost Savings Pushing Companies to Green IT: Survey

Regulations, Cost Savings Pushing Companies to Green IT: Survey

A new study by IDC finds that nearly half of European companies have created a strategy for incorporating green IT practices within their data centers and operations.

After surveying 459 IT directors from large European companies, IDC found two main drivers toward green IT: compliance with regulations and the need to save costs through energy efficiency in the IT infrastructure.

Other key drivers toward green IT included CSR goals and encouragement from CEOs, who are pushing green programs from the top down.

But the move toward green is not without its obstacles: a quarter of respondents cited the lack of industry guidance and performance metrics as key issues; over two-thirds said an absence of corporate incentives was hindering green IT.

Among the most common ways of greening the corporate data center were virtualization, with over 80 percent saying it was valuable or critical to their strategies; changing customer and employee behavior, green printing and building control were also highly ranked by respondents.

The survey was sponsored by Dell Computers, and is the first a planned annual "Green IT Barometer" survey of the state of green IT. More information and methodologies for the survey are online at Dell's European website.