Arm & Hammer Slashes Packaging with New Spray Cleaners

Arm & Hammer Slashes Packaging with New Spray Cleaners

Arm & Hammer is rethinking cleaning products and cutting down on packaging with its new line of Essentials Cleaners.

Each 32 ounce bottle is sold empty with a small container of cleaner concentrate. Consumers fill the bottle with water, then add the cartridge of concentrate. Refills are sold in two-cartridge packs, and the spray bottle can be reused multiple times.

The redesign has clear energy and materials savings. Instead of shipping full, 32 ounce bottles around, the company is putting out empty bottles and 1.2 ounce, liquid-filled refills. The refills, when compared to buying cleaners in new bottles, use 93 percent less plastic and 80 percent less packaging. The spray bottles are made of PET, and the refills are in HDPE containers, both commonly recycled plastics. The packaging for the refills contains HDPE plastic and 100 percent recycled paperboard.

According to Arm & Hammer, which has been working on the product line for five years, the spray bottle can be reused about seven times. Testing of the bottle shows that the spray trigger lasts for about 10,000 pulls, and it takes about 1,000 pulls to use up a full bottle, though the trigger may last longer than seven refills. The bottles are also designed specially to work with the refills; they contain a small piece of plastic in the inner lip of the bottle that cuts open the refill as its twisted into the bottle. Arm & Hammer said it designed the product to work in that way to make it easy for consumers to use and to avoid spills.

The Essentials Cleaners line includes a multi-surface cleaner, glass cleaner and cleaner/degreaser; all were formulated to use fewer chemicals than typical cleaners. The cleaners are 99 percent biodegradable and contain water, plant-based cleaning agents derived from coconut and palm kernel oil, water softeners and trace amounts of color and fragrance.