Green Seal Creates Laureate Program for Firms Meeting Earth-Friendly Standards

Green Seal Creates Laureate Program for Firms Meeting Earth-Friendly Standards

The 20-year-old organization that awards its Green Seal of approval to environmentally responsible products and services is establishing a program to recognize companies for their leadership in meeting comprehensive eco-friendly standards.

Green Seal announced its Laureate Program last week and released its proposed requirements and guidelines for stakeholder comment. The program is to offer Green Seal certification of companies at three levels: bronze, silver and gold.

The proposed requirements and guidelines set parameters for the evaluation of firms' environmental efforts and impacts in five major areas: on the corporate level in aspects that range from compliance to corporate environmental management and performance; companywide impacts such as energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, energy efficient design and water use; supply chain; life cycle assessment and products.

In announcing the Laureate Program, Green Seal said, "It's time to recognize and grow the most sustainable companies in the U.S. In an economy where green is the new buzz word and misleading claims (greenwashing) are not only discouraging for customers but dangerous for brand integrity, solid proof of sustainability is key."

The new program "identifies and recognizes companies that are truly environmentally responsible," the organization said.

Stakeholder comments on the proposed requirements and guidance documents are due by December 1. The pilot version of green Seal Laureate is expected to move forward in late January.