Verdiem Takes Campaign to Cut PC Energy Use to the U.K.

Verdiem Takes Campaign to Cut PC Energy Use to the U.K.

Three months after launching energy management software to help U.S. consumers cut their PC energy use, Verdiem introduced the free software to the United Kingdom market.

The Seattle-based company believes its Edison application can help consumers cut 80 percent of the energy used by their desktop computers. Built for use on Microsoft's Window's operating system, Edison is supported by the Climate Savers Computing Initiative, which encourages efficient power management.

According to Verdiem, more than 1 billion PCs around the world unnecessarily waste vast amounts of energy because they don't have power management settings enabled. The company is offering 10 million free copies of Edison, representing 1 percent of of the world's PCs.

"If just 1 percent of all PCs used Edison we could potentially reduce environmental impacts by 3.2 million metric tons of CO2, which is equal to taking approximately 600,000 cars off the road," Allison Cornia, Verdiem's vice president of product management, said in a statement. "By finding ways to embed offsets in our daily life -- even something as simple as downloading software -- we will create permanent reductions in energy use and have a huge impact on our environment and resource sustainability."

Edison allows users to choose from various power savings settings based on work and non-work schedules. The estimated savings of money, energy and emissions will be compiled into reports. It's a pared down version of Verdiem's corporate-level Surveyor software.

Verdiem and Microsoft are both members of Climate Savers Computing Initiative, a nonprofit stated by Intel and Google to cut reduce computer energy consumption 50 percent by 2010.