Nestlé Continues Holiday Packaging Cuts

Nestlé Continues Holiday Packaging Cuts

Christmas candy boxes are shrinking as Nestlé UK releases holiday treats in packages that are 40 percent smaller and 25 percent lighter than last year.

The Nestlé selection boxes - filled with Smarties, Milky Bar, KitKat and other brands - contain the same amount of candy but due to less packaging will use about 150 tonnes less packaging than was used in Christmas 2007. The boxes are also now made with 75 percent recycled cardboard, and the plastic trays contain recycled bottles.

Along with reducing packaging, Nestle is investigating alternatives. The company has replaced the wrappers for its Quality Street and After Eight products with NatureFlex compostable film.

Nestlé UK began reviewing packaging reduction in 1991, and since then has saved some 326,300 tonnes of material. The company is a member of the Waste and Resources Action Programme's (WRAP) Seasonal Confectionary Working Group and has signed the Courtauld Commitment, which aims to reduce the amount of packaging reaching U.K. homes by at least 340,000 a year by 2010.

WRAP has developed programs for a number of specific packaging areas. Seasonal candy is an area ripe for packaging reduction; it's consumed in large amounts and many seasonal products are overpackaged in elaborate gift boxes or special packaging. Earlier this year, Nestlé UK announced next year's Easter egg packaging will use 30 percent fewer materials, and 80 percent of eggs will come without plastic.