Business Leaders Positive About Green Giving, Investing

Business Leaders Positive About Green Giving, Investing

Most wealthy business owners plan to keep giving to environmental causes, even if an economic downturn hurts their businesses. And many feel it's a good time to invest in green funds, though few currently do, according to a new survey.

SunTrust Bank recently surveyed 202 business owners with at least $10 million in annual revenue about green philanthropy and investments.

Sixty-nine percent said they plan to maintain their current level of environmental giving even if an economic downturn moderately affects their businesses.

The great majority (88 percent) said they give money only to organizations that they have researched thoroughly, and 72 percent give only to "well-established" groups.

Most feel it is a good or average time to invest in green-marketed mutual funds and investments, and 59 percent believe that green investments would create a rate of return similar to other funds. However, only 28 percent have allocated business money towards green investments and 31 percent said they have invested personally in green funds.

Pollution and energy policy are the two main drivers that have led to business owners investing in green funds and causes. Other influences include personal desires to do good and the past performance of funds.