Funding Stalled for Indiana Recycling Projects

Funding Stalled for Indiana Recycling Projects

The Indiana Department of Environmental Management has suspended six state-funded grant and loan programs for recycling and pollution prevention programs.

Putting the programs for businesses and local governments on hold will save about $2 million, and the department expects to hold off on the grants and loans for 18-30 months.

The department said the loans and grants require recipients to put up matching funds, which might not be feasible in the current economy. Programs already in place should not be affected, the department said.

The grants assist businesses with recycling projects and help cities start up and expand hazardous waste recycling, conserve water and energy, purchase equipments like shredders and recycling containers and provide environmental education.

One city that will lose out due to the grant suspension is Hobart, the Northwest Indiana Post-Tribune reported. The city had been awarded a $19,709 grant that was planned to go toward a paint recycling complex, but it is now suspended.

New York environmental programs could also feel a pinch under Gov. David Paterson’s proposed 2009-2010 budget, which includes cutting funding for the state’s Environmental Protection Fund from $255 million to $205 million.

The fund, which supports a range of efforts including recycling programs, landfills and waterfront revitalization, was supposed to see its funding increase to $300 million.

The proposed budget, however, also includes adding water and non-carbonated beverage containers in the state’s bottle bill. The move would add a 5-cent deposit to each container sold in the state, which would bring in about $118 million a year.

That money could be used to fill the Environmental Protection Fund. Current unclaimed deposits do not have a specific end use, and Paterson is proposing that unclaimed deposits be set aside to go only into the fund.