European Data Centers to Get Green Makeover

European Data Centers to Get Green Makeover

Two IT companies, Bull and Cassatt, are teaming up to combine their skills with the goal of increasing the energy efficiency of data centers across the European Union.

Paris-based Bull announced that it had become the privileged distributor of San Jose, Calif.-based Cassatt Company's line of server-optimization software, and will incorporate those tools into Bull's NovaScale and Escala server models, and will then work together to move customers toward data center automation systems.

The companies predict that incorporating the ideas behind Bull's Bio Data Center initiative, which the company is using to help customers overhaul the ways they manage their IT facilities, customers cut costs from capital expenditures, energy use and operations by at least 30 percent, through power management, repurposing and dynamic control of servers.

Power management, one of the biggest green IT stories of 2008, is the starting point for the collaboration. Through this approach, data center operators can automatically and intelligently power off their unused servers based on their own custom policies, cutting back power consumption by at least 30 percent for business operations.

The announcement comes as the global IT industry looks for ways to do more with less, and cut costs while simultaneously greening the data center. Last week, Symantec's State of the Data Center report found that saving energy from power and cooling is the top concern for IT professionals for 2009.

Green strategies like power management also made the list in an in-depth article on GreenerComputing about ways to green your data center on the cheap.