Microsoft Sustainability Dashboard Brings IT's Power to Carbon Management

Microsoft Sustainability Dashboard Brings IT's Power to Carbon Management

Microsoft yesterday unveiled its new Environmental Sustainability Dashboard solution for Microsoft Dynamics AX that can put IT's power to use in gathering carbon footprint data and helping companies focus their efforts on where to most efficiently reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

The dashboard is intended to allow environmental and IT managers at midsized companies to get a handle on where inefficiencies in their operations may exist, and implement projects to cut down on emissions.

"In many cases, midsize organizations can't retain dedicated consultants to audit their environmental performance," said said Kirill Tatarinov, Microsoft's VP of business solutions. "By integrating groundbreaking environmental performance management capabilities with Microsoft Dynamics AX, we are bringing that critical information directly to customers as part of their everyday business management."

The data that the dashboard collects fits in to Global Reporting Initiative-certified audits, and covers indicators including on-site fuel consumption and the carbon footprint of a company's energy consumption and can be applied to other vendors as well to gather information about Scope 3 emissions from that company's supply chain.

Microsoft's dashboard is part of a growing trend of companies working to apply information technology to solve larger environmental issues; in addition to being able to increase computing power while decreasing energy use, IT is able to manage energy use outside of the data center -- everywhere from building controls to mapping corporate-wide water use.

Companies still have a long way to go in incorporating green IT; a report published last week found that despite widespread acknowledgement of the necessity of using green IT to cut emissions, most companies are still lagging on putting it to work.

More information about Microsoft's Dynamics AX, and the company's green initiatives, is online at