Siemens, Telkonet Partner with Schools to Manage Energy Use

Siemens, Telkonet Partner with Schools to Manage Energy Use

Siemens is working with Tennessee schools, and Telkonet with New York University, to provide retrofits and energy management systems at almost 200 structures.

The Siemens project, now in its fifth year and nearing completion of its initial phase, has saved the Metropolitan Board of Public Education for the city of Nashville and Davidson County in Tennessee the equivalent of some $3 million in energy costs annually, the firm said.

The work, valued at more than $45 million, variously targeted campus HVAC, lighting and water systems for improvement. All told the project involved 187 structures, more than 14 million square feet and about 5,000 classrooms. Of all the facilities, 70 were schools that received building control upgrades and 15 were campuses that had state-of-the-art building automation systems installed.

Telkonet's pilot project with NYU began in 2008. The trial program, which produced a 10 percent energy savings in just two months, led to the installation of the company's smart energy solution in two residence halls of the campus, the company said.

In the two dormitories, the Telkonet system has already achieved a reduction of more than 147 hours of HVAC runtime reduction per room over a four month period, the firm said. The university has set a goal of slashing its greenhouse gas emissions by 30 percent.