Kellogg's Reshapes Cereal Boxes, Cuts Materials

Kellogg's Reshapes Cereal Boxes, Cuts Materials

For the next few months, Kellogg's is trialing new, shorter, cereal box packaging that is made with fewer materials and designed to take up less space.

The six-month test of the new boxes started in late January and includes all 12-ounce versions of Kellogg's cereals. The smaller and deeper boxes are being tested out at select Wal-Mart and Kroger stores in suburban Detroit.

On average, the boxes use about 8 percent fewer materials. "By decreasing the amount of air in the interior bag, we were able to reduce the package size without decreasing the amount of food," said John Ferro, director of commercialization for Kellogg Company.

Old and new Corn Flakes boxes

Kellogg's also says that due to the redesign, more boxes can be packed in truck shipments, the boxes take up less shelf space for retailers, and they also take up less pantry space for consumers.

The company will gather feedback from consumers and retailers and see if anticipated efficiencies due to the new design pan out before determining what it's next steps with the packaging will be.

U.K. Kellogg's cereal boxes - photo CC license by dan taylor