EDF Maps 1,200 Companies Poised to Benefit from Climate Laws

EDF Maps 1,200 Companies Poised to Benefit from Climate Laws

Legislation that puts a cap on greenhouse gas pollution will spur job expansion in a dozen manufacturing states in the U.S., according to the Environmental Defense Fund.

The environmental group published on Friday an online interactive map identifying more than 1,200 companies that stand to benefit from future climate change legislation. The map, at LessCarbonMoreJobs.org, marks companies in the renewable energy and energy efficiency fields, and is searchable by city, media market and Congressional district.

"These maps tell the story of how a cap can fuel economic growth in the heartland while reducing America's global warming pollution," Jackie Roberts, EDF director of sustainable technologies, said in a statement. "There is a manufacturing boom ready to happen, and a cap will help ignite that spark."

The map only includes companies from 12 states: Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, New Hampshire, Arkansas, Tennessee, Colorado, Georgia, Missouri, Virginia and Florida. That many of the states were swing states in the 2008 presidential election is no coincidence, the New York Times reported: EDF is using the map to show members of Congress how green jobs can impact their districts or states.

EDF presented the map on Friday at Vice President Joe Biden's middle class task force meeting in Philadelphia.