Interface Completes Environmental Product Declaration for Carpeting

Interface Completes Environmental Product Declaration for Carpeting

Interface, the maker of modular carpet, has taken another step towards environmental transparency by completing an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for one of its product lines.

The company is the first North American carpet manufacturer to complete an EPD, which provides detailed information on the materials within products, resources required by products, recyclability of products, and the environmental impacts over a product's life, from production to use and disposal.

Interface's EPD is for its Convert line of products, offered though the company's InterfaceFLOR arm, was recently verified through a third party.

InterfaceFLOR had already gathered much of its lifecycle impact information in previosuly assessing its own products, and said that providing the information in the form of an EPD makes it easier to show the impacts to customers, and provides a consistant way to show environmental information for various products.

“We were eager to create and have verified an EPD to raise the bar, move our industry and provide the model and foundation for our competitors to follow. Ultimately this will allow our customers to make apples-to-apples comparisons of carpet products. Now our competitors need to get on board and do their own EPDs,” David Hobbs, president of InterfaceFLOR, said in a statement.

On aspect of Interface's products that set them apart from tradition carpeting is that the carpet tiles are easily swappable, so if one section gets damaged, only a small portion needs to be replaced.