Seventh Generation Buys Credits for Sustainable Palm Oil

Seventh Generation Buys Credits for Sustainable Palm Oil

You've heard of carbon credits, but carbon emissions aren't the only thing companies can offset now.

Seventh Generation already makes cleaners that are non-toxic, but it's now taking steps to make one of its ingredients more sustainable.

Palm kernel oil is a major part of Seventh Generation's vegetable-based cleaners, and is found in a wide range of other products, including foods, pharmaceuticals, personal care products and numerous cleaners and detergents.

Demand for palm oil, though, has increased sixfold in recent years, according to the Rainforest Action Network. Unsustainable palm oil production has caused deforestation throughout Southeast Asia and threatened the lives of indigenous people and animals.

"One fifth of all greenhouse gas emissions stem from deforestation, and one of the major drivers of deforestation is palm oil," according to Leila Salazar-Lopez of the Rainforest Action Network. And the United Nations Environment Programme says palm oil plantations are one of the leading causes of rainforest and peatland loss in Indonesia and Malaysia.

Seventh Generation has now purchased enough sustainable palm kernel oil certification credits to cover all of the palm kernel oil it uses in its products. In purchasing the credits, Seventh Generation is paying a premium to palm kernel oil producers that use more sustainable production and harvesting practices in order to help them develop programs and infrastructure to expand sustainable actions.

Seventh Generation's credit purchase is its first step in eventually ensuring all of the palm oil it purchases is sustainable.

Seventh Generation has also joined the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil, supports Greenpeace's call for an immediate moratorium on the conversion of Southeast Asian rainforests and peatlands to palm production and will investigate partnerships for sustainable palm growing in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

Seventh Generation cleaner - CC license by stan