BCS Signs EU Data Center Code of Conduct

BCS Signs EU Data Center Code of Conduct

The British Computer Society (BCS) became the first professional body to sign the European Union Code of Conduct for Data Centers.

The code was launched by the European Commission in late November to offer resources and best practices that can help cut data center energy consumption by 20 percent.

The UK estimates data centers are responsible for nearly 3 percent of total electricity consumption, a figure expected to double by 2020. The code, however, is expected to avoid 4.7 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions over the next six years.

The UK worked with industry stakeholders, including BCS, to develop the code. The government said in November that it expected BT, IOMart, Quest Software and Microsoft to sign it, with TelecityGroup, a data center operator, becoming the first signatory.

Signatories are expected to implement the energy efficiency best practices, such as reducing air conditioning or decommissioning old servers, meet minimum procurement standards and report energy consumption every year.

BCS plans to launch a Practitioner Certificate for Data Center Operators later this year as part of its role endorsing the code, which it says will complement its upcoming BCS Foundation Certificate in Green IT.

"Data center" -- CC licensed by Flickr user habi.