Accenture Boosts Smart Grid Support With City-Utility Network

Accenture Boosts Smart Grid Support With City-Utility Network

In an effort to spread information and support for smart grid technologies, Accenture has formed the Accenture Intelligent City Network.

The group, which already has members from the U.S., China, Russia and the Netherlands, aims to bring utilities and city governments from around the world together to collaborate on putting smart grids in place.

The Network is intended to help cities and companies exchange knowledge and experience with planning and implementing smart grids, develop plans for deploying smart grids, and sharing information on how to integrate smart grids with buildings and transportation.

Members will also be able to receive technology solutions being developed by Accenture Technology Labs, the company's research and development arm.

The first members of the Network include Minneapolis-based Xcel Energy, Chinese transmission company East China Grid, Russian Interregional Distribution Grid Company of Centre (MRSK of Centre), Dutch utility Alliander N.V. and the city of Amsterdam.

Xcel Energy is already working with Accenture on a SmartGridCity project in Boulder, Colo., and MRSK of Centre plans to develop a smart city in the western Russian city of Belgorod in collaboration with the regional government.

Smart grid development got a boost in the U.S. last month with the signing of the $787-billion stimulus package, which included $4.5 billion for smart grids.

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