Maxell, Perf Go Green Launch Green Battery Products

Maxell, Perf Go Green Launch Green Battery Products

With green battery announcements popping up at widely different companies in recent days, it seems like powering your gadgets will soon be easier and greener.

First up, Perf Go Green, makers of biodegradable trash bags and cleaning products, announced a broad expansion into the battery market: On March 31, the company is releasing its PerfPower Eco-Alkaline batteries.

Although not rechargeable, the batteries are designed to be as green as possible, using recycled and recyclable materials in the packaging and batteries themselves, amd Perf Go Green has also made the batteries free of lead, mercury and cadmium.

Perhaps most significantly, the company is offering free recycling for the batteries, through a new website that is also launching on March 31. On, customers will be able to request a free shipping box to return their AA batteries to Perf Go Green for recycling and reuse.

In other battery news, Maxell, the Japanese company best known for tapes and recording products (but which actually got its start in batteries), announced that it is returning to the battery market nearly three years after its last battery product left shelves.

While details are somewhat scant, according to Maxell's announcement the batteries will come in three sizes, D-cell and double- and triple-A, and will be released later this year.