HP's 2008: Millions of Pounds Recycled, Emissions Reduced, Green Design Embraced

HP's 2008: Millions of Pounds Recycled, Emissions Reduced, Green Design Embraced

2008 was a busy year for Hewlett Packard's green efforts: in addition to reducing its overall greenhouse gas emissions by 4 percent over 2007 figures (that's in absolute terms; relative to revenue HP cut emissions by 13 percent in 2008), the company made big strides in e-waste recycling, green design of IT products, and supply chain emissions reporting.
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The report, which is online at www.hp.com/go/report, breaks down the company's CSR investments into six categories: global citizenship, ethics & compliance, human rights & labor, environmental sustainability, privacy, and social investment.

On the environmental front, one significant achievement was the collection of 34,000 tons of electronic equipment for reuse, and the recycling of another 120,000 tons of electronics that would have otherwise gone to landfill. Those numbers bring HP up to 1.7 billion pounds (850,000 tons) of total electronics recycled. In 2004, HP set a goal of recycling 1 billion pounds of e-waste by the end of 2007, and the company beat that goal by 6 months, hitting the 1 billion pound mark in July 2007.

Other notable achievements from HP in 2008 included its victory in Wal-Mart's green design challenge, which HP won by reducing the packaging by 97 percent for one of its notebook PCs. On the IT side, the company announced that it had saved $1 billion by overhauling and consolidating its IT platform, cutting total spending on IT hardware in half and saving 60 percent of the energy used in its data centers while boosting overall computing capacity by 250 percent or more.

HP also released in May a new printer, the Deskjet D2545, which is made from 83 percent recycled plastic, uses recycled and recyclable ink cartridges, and which comes in 100 percent recyclable packaging.

On the supply-chain and emissions front, in January 2008, HP shared its green supply chain guidelines with the world, aimed at helping organizations of all sizes develop strong CSR programs; and in September, HP became the first IT company to post its first-tier supply chain emissions, while urging other IT companies to do the same.

HP's full report is online at www.hp.com/go/report.