7th Generation Expands Product Line, Kimberly-Clark Adds Recycled Paper Goods

7th Generation Expands Product Line, Kimberly-Clark Adds Recycled Paper Goods

Seventh Generation has added to its line of natural and non-toxic items with new softener sheets and dish cleaners.

The company's new products include Natural Fabric Softener Sheets, which are chlorine-free, formulated with plant-derived softeners, recyclable and biodegradable.

It also has two new products for cleaning dishes: Auto Dish Pacs, which are phosphate-free, concentrated, single-use detergent pacs; and Rinse Aid, a plant-derived, biodegradable cleaner to remove spots and film from dishes and glasses.

While Seventh Generation, a big name in green products, expands its offerings, Kimberly-Clark Corp. is launching its first major line of greener goods.

Kimberly-Clark, which has been criticized for years over its forestry practices, is launching a line of recycled-content paper products though its Scott brand.
The Scott Naturals product line includes bath tissue, towels, napkins and flushable wipes. The bath tissue contains 40 percent recycled content, the towels have 60 percent recycled content, the napkins contain 80 percent recycled content, and the whips are made with natural aloe vera.

In addition, the bath tissue and towel packaging is made from 20 percent post-consumer recycled plastic, and the cardboard rolls are made with 100 percent recycled fiber.

Kimberly-Clark says the napkins and paper towels' prices are comparable to traditional Scott products, but the toilet paper costs 6 percent more.

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