Aspen Skiing, Clif Bar, Seventh Generation Strengthen BICEP Climate Coalition

Aspen Skiing, Clif Bar, Seventh Generation Strengthen BICEP Climate Coalition

BICEP just got a little stronger with the addition of three more companies, bringing the total number of businesses in the coalition advocating for strong climate and energy legislation to 11.

Aspen Skiing, Clif Bar and Seventh Generation are the latest to join Business for Innovative Climate and Energy Policy (BICEP), a group overseen by Ceres, which is holding its annual conference in San Francisco this week.

Ceres, a coalition of investors and environmental groups, coordinates BICEP, which already includes Levi Strauss & Co., Nike, Starbucks, Sun Microsystems, The Timberland Co., eBay, Gap and Symantec.

The first five companies were the initial members of the group when it launched in November 2008, and the last three joined in March.

BICEP is advocating for the passage of stronger climate and energy legislation this year in the United States to help push forward clean energy developments and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The group's principals support stimulating production of renewable energy, promoting energy efficiency and clean energy jobs, requiring the auction of all carbon allowances and limiting new coal-fired power plants to those that capture and store carbon emissions.

For the three newest companies, effects from climate change tie directly into their businesses.

Elysa Hammond, who oversees Clif Bar's environmental impact efforts, said, "As a food company, we understand that growing food depends on a stable climate. As a company run by people who love the outdoors, we recognize that global warming threatens the places we care about most deeply.  We're honored to join the BICEP coalition of businesses speaking up on behalf of strong and effective climate policy."    

Auden Schendler, Aspen Skiing's executive director for sustainability, said "We see climate as a key strategic issue facing the ski industry -- in Colorado alone winter sports are a $2 billion business and all of it is threatened by changes in climate. In turn those changes affect other parts of our economy like hunting, fishing, whitewater rafting and ranching. That's why this is job one for us.”

And Seventh Generation President Jeffrey Hollender said that joining BICEP is important to his company “because a planet at risk puts our business at risk. We believe the purpose of business is not separate from the project of humanity.”

Photo CC license by koka_sexton