Verdiem Helps King County Shrink PC Energy Use by 38 Percent

Verdiem Helps King County Shrink PC Energy Use by 38 Percent

Agencies in Washington State’s King County cut PC energy consumption by an average of 38 percent using Verdiem software, which powers down idle computers.

Seattle-based Verdiem’s Surveyor software was first installed in late 2007 on nearly 10,000 PCs in 18 King County departments, including the Department of Transportation and City Council. The software has cut energy costs in some departments by as much as 62 percent, saving the county $140,000.

According to Verdiem, a typical PC uses 535 kWh of electricity per year, about two-thirds of which is wasted when the computer isn’t in active use. The company claims Surveyor offers energy savings of up to $60 per PC annually.

King County previously used standard power management features included in PC operating systems, but that didn’t allow for detailed measurement needed for compliance with the county's Climate Plan. Surveyor offers detailed reports on energy consumption and savings based on regional electricity costs and pre- and post-Surveyor energy use comparisons.

King County, which encompasses Seattle, Redmond, and Bellevue, among other cities, isn’t the only one touting the benefits of the software.

Washington Mutual, which was acquired by Chase, installed the software on 44,000 of its PCs in 2007, according to CIO magazine. The company said last summer the move cut its PC-related greenhouse gas emissions by 65 percent and would likely save Washington Mutual $3 million annually.

The Lake Washington School District installed Surveyor on more than 12,000 PCs and expects $960,000 in energy cost savings over four years. City University of New York anticipates $2 million in savings from deploying Surveyor on more than 25,000 PCs on 15 campuses.

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