Verdiem Slashes Cox Comms' Electric Bills, Hits Million-User Milestone

Verdiem Slashes Cox Comms' Electric Bills, Hits Million-User Milestone

PC energy management company Verdiem yesterday announced that it had reached the million-user milestone for adoption of its Surveyor power management software platform. The company said that it has seen its enterprise customer base has more than doubled in the last 12 months.

In announcing the achievement, Verdiem also highlighted a success story from Cox Communications, the Atlanta-based cable and internet provider.

As part of its larger Cox Conserves sustainability initiative, Cox Communications installed Verdiem's Surveyor software on 15,000 computers, cutting its energy use by 40 percent. Although no financial savings from the project were available at press time, Verdiem says that companies can save $60 per PC per year through using Surveyor, which puts Cox's potential savings at around $900,000 annually.

As part of its deployment, Cox installed Surveyor across 14 of the company's operating centers across the U.S., and the company said it quickly measured a 40 percent drop in energy use from its PC fleet at those locations. As a result of the savings, Cox estimates that the power management project will have paid for itself in less than eight months.

The Surveyor project is one of this year's key steps in Cox's environmental goals, Peter West, Cox's VP of Information Technology and Operational Development said. The overall goal of Cox Conserves is to cut Cox Communications' overall greenhouse gas footprint by 20 percent by 2017. Among the other steps the company is taking to achieve this goal include building and retrofitting faciltiies to incorporate green building practices, installing renewable energy systems and moving toward more energy efficient power supplies across its operations.

PC power management has been a reliable method for companies looking to gather the low-hanging fruit of energy efficiency; at a Power Management Summit in March of this year, the EPA and the Climate Savers Computing Initiative highlighted some of the many tools and potential savings available through power management projects.