Carbonetworks Expands Software Line Beyond GHG Accounting

Carbonetworks Expands Software Line Beyond GHG Accounting

Carbon accounting firm Carbonetworks has expanded its offerings to help organizations manage more than their greenhouse gas emissions.

The British Columbia-based company launched a new Software-as-a-Service offering to also assist businesses, governments and other organizations with tracking and managing their energy, waste and water consumption. It also unveiled a consulting arm Tuesday to help its clients understand and comply with a rapidly evolving regulatory climate.

Carbonetworks’ new Performance Management Platform includes three main pillars: the Carbonetworks Carbon Information Manager tool for measuring and reporting environmental metrics; the Carbonetworks Enterprise, an analytical tool for forecasting, risk assessment and scenario planning; and Carbonetworks Connect, which pairs clients with partners to execute their green initiatives.

Meanwhile, its Carbonetworks Professional Services (CPS) division will include strategic consulting for environmental initiatives, implementing its technology, corporate reporting, data migration, certification and training, Keith Modesitt, Carbonetworks’ director of product management, said in an email message.

“Demand for CPS varies in North America based on sustainability and energy initiatives, while in the U.K., services for CRC (Carbon Reduction Commitment) are in high demand,” Modesitt wrote.

The company has moved quickly to seize the opportunity provided by the U.K.’s Carbon Reduction Commitment, a new cap-and-trade program targeting less carbon-intensive organizations not covered by the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme, such as supermarkets, universities and hospitals.

In addition to launching a new software product in July to help U.K. organizations comply with the Carbon Reduction Commitment trading scheme, Carbonetworks appointed Mark Lewis last week as its U.K. managing director in what the company calls one of its fastest growing regions. The company, which now employs 30 full-time professionals, also opened an office in San Francisco earlier this year.

Competing software offerings that also track greenhouse gas emissions, waste, water and energy consumption include the Enviance System from Carlsbad, Calif.-based Enviance and Hara Environmental & Energy Management from the start-up recently launched from Redwood City, Calif.