New Fujitsu Thin Client Uses Just 29 Watts at Full Utilization

New Fujitsu Thin Client Uses Just 29 Watts at Full Utilization

Fujitsu last week unveiled a new thin client computer that cuts the energy used by about two-thirds over the company's most efficient full desktop computer.

The company says that its Futro S100 thin client and monitor will use just 29 watts of electricity at full load -- a drop of 66 percent over the 86 watts used by the company's greenest desktop PC, the Esprimo E7935.

Fujitsu is touting the Futro S100 as an easy and affordable way for companies to move toward a server-based computing platform, which itself is an increasingly popular green IT project companies undertake to save on purchase and maintenance costs of a PC fleet. 
In addtion to saving on procurement costs, adopting server-based computing and thin clients is a way to save on energy use from PCs and data centers alike. Running multiple clients from one server allows for higher utilization of server processing power, a smaller data center footprint, and makes a move toward an energy efficient outsourced or cloud computing platform more achievable.

Earlier this year, Fujitsu unveiled its Esprimo Green, a full PC that uses zero watts in standby mode.

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