Soy-Based Toner Released for HP Printers

Soy-Based Toner Released for HP Printers

Soybeans - CC 2.0 license by Flickr user Clearly Ambiguous

More than a decade in the making, soy-based toner made possible through research by the Ohio Soybean Council and product development company Battelle is being released in remanufactured toner cartridges.

The technology to create the toner has been licensed by Advanced Image Resources, and the company has used it to make BioRez, a soy-based resin containing 50-80 percent biobased materials. The BioRez is then used to make BioBlack toner, which ends up containing 35 percent or more soy-based content.

West Point Products is making the toner available in its AgriTone toner replacement cartridges, which are remanufactured cartridges that the company has collected. Last year, West Point Products collected more than 900,000 cartridges and recycled more than 1 million pounds of raw materials in the process.

Currently the soy toner is only available for certain HP products, but West Point Products plans to expand its line of AgriTone cartridges to fit with more printers. The company currently has soy toner cartridges for HP's LaserJet 4200 series, 4250 series, 4300 series, 4345mfp and and 4350 series.

Soybeans - Clearly Ambiguous / CC BY 2.0