First 100 Percent Recycled Take-Out Container Released

First 100 Percent Recycled Take-Out Container Released

Bottle Box

A collaboration between packaging manufacturer Direct Pack and recycler Global PET has resulted in the Bottle Box, the first 100 percent post-consumer plastic take-out packaging.

The food grade packaging comes in four different sized hinged containers. The Bottle Boxes are made only with recycled PET, identified by the number 1 resin code, meaning it can be easily recycled again when disposed of.

The Bottle Box was born out of a collaboration between Direct Pack, which manufactures a number of other packaging products from post-consumer materials, and Global PET, whose Perris, Calif., plant provides all the equipment for turning waste plastic into Bottle Boxes. The facility provides all the steps, from plastic sorting to granulating to washing to thermoforming, all in one place.

The two companies began their partnership earlier this year, and Global PET has secured a steady source for recycled content. Through the Plastic Recycling Corporation of California, Global PET has established a 10-year agreement for 60 million pounds of PET bottles a year.