U.K. Company Launches Design Competition For Recycled Plastic Sheeting

U.K. Company Launches Design Competition For Recycled Plastic Sheeting

Axfoil roll

Axion Polymers has announced a design competition for its new product, a 100 percent recycled content plastic sheet called Axfoil.

The sheet is made with recycled polystyrene, identified by the number 6 resin code. While rarely accepted in recycling systems in the U.S., number 6 plastic can be recycled back into itself.

Axion's recycled-content products are made from refrigerator plastic, TV casing and electronic game consoles. Using recycled material instead of virgin resources reduces the amount of carbon dioxide from the manufacturing process by 93 percent.

Axion Polymers is one arm of the Axion Group, which also operates recycling and consulting businesses. Axiom Polymers also produces Axpoly, a range of recycled polystyrene, polypropylene (resin code number 5, another less-commonly recycled material) and PC/ABS (polycarbonate) polymers.

For the design competition, Axion is looking for household products, made from Axfoil or Axpoly materials, that would have mass-market appeal. Axpoly is already being used by some companies to make planting pots, letter trays, and parts for cameras and other electronics.

Entries for the competition must be submitted by Jan. 8, 2010. The winner will receive £500, and Axion will even help the winner take their design to market. More details of the competition can be found on Axion's website.