KOM Networks Launches E-Waste Program to Help Feed Hungry Kids

KOM Networks Launches E-Waste Program to Help Feed Hungry Kids

Image CC licensed by Flickr user macrophile

A new e-waste program from KOM Networks aims to boost an international nonprofit that helps impoverished children.

KOM’s new Junk-A-Juke program will recycled unwanted legacy storage equipment and donate the money made from the raw materials to Feed The Children -- funds which KOM will also match -- with the goal of feeding a million kids. The company teamed up with Dell to develop a free server and archive solution, complete with a three-year maintenance agreement, to be given out in return for the used equipment.

KOM partnered with Dell to develop the storage solution on the company’s PowerVault NX3000 NAS. The free KOMpliance Archive is a plug-and-play archive technology that is platform and application agnostic.

"Dell OEM is a strategic supplier to KOM providing the platform of choice for the KOMpliance archive server and storage and at the same time delivering a global service coverage that few can match in this global economy," Taher Shaath, CEO at KOM Networks, said in a statement Tuesday.

Angel Medical Center in Franklin, N.C., was the first organization to donate used equipment to the program.

"We already had plans to upgrade our current system and were impressed with KOM's ability to help us easily migrate our data and meet our HIPAA compliance standards," said Gary Hanold, director of information systems at Angel Medical.

Technology Conservation Group will work with the program to collect and track each piece of equipment to guarantee the e-waste avoid landfills. The company has committed to reducing the processing costs by 25 percent to boost the value of the equipment.

Image CC-licensed by Flickr user macrophile.