The 20 Most Popular Stories of 2009

What to make of the 20 most-read stories among the 2,350 (or so) articles and blog posts we ran during 2009 on,,, and It's hard to make head or tails of them, in terms of the themes, interests, or. Yes, packaging and Walmart seem to be two recurring themes. Rankings and ratings stories always rank high. Beyond that, 2009 seems a muddle — as, perhaps, in real life, it was. After all, what links termites and windvertising?

Themes or not, here are the stories of ours that you, dear reader, clicked on, Googled, Digged, Scribd, StumbledUpon, tweeted (and retweeted) and linked to the most. Do you see any noteworthy patterns or trends herein? Let us know if you do.

1. Starbucks' Cup Summit: Does the Cost of Recycling Runneth Over?

2. Debunking the Notion of a Triple Bottom Line

3. Bottled Water is Way More Complicated Than I Thought

4. Cisco: Smart Grid May Be "1,000 times larger than the Internet"

5. Google: Our Green Data Centers Got a Lot Greener

6. Walmart's Sustainability Index: The Hype and the Reality

7. Coca-Cola's Quest for the Perfect Bottle Starts with Plants

8. E-Waste: When Landfills Are Not an Option

9. America's 10 Greenest Brands?

10. Survival Tips for Walmart Suppliers: Beware the Top 10 Sustainability Myths

11. How Termites Inspired Mick Pearce's Green Buildings

12. Japan's Obsession with Perfection May Be Thwarting Sustainability

13. Inside Newsweek's New Green Corporate Rankings

14. In with Green Packaging, Out with Convenience, Consumers Say

15. Underwriters Laboratories Launches Green Verification Service

16. Apple: We're Coming Clean on the True Cost of Green

17. Green Teams: Engaging Employees in Sustainability

18. Windvertising Enables Companies to Put Ads on Turbine Blades

19. Inside Microsoft's New 'Purpose-Built' Data Lab

20. Shattering the Stereotype of the Green Consumer