CALMAC's IceBank System Saves Sarasota County Schools a Cool $8M

CALMAC's IceBank System Saves Sarasota County Schools a Cool $8M

Working with thermal energy storage firm CALMAC, the Sarasota County School System has saved more than $8 million in energy costs in the past 18 years by shifting its demand for electricity from peak to off-peak time, the company says.

The Sarasota County schools started using the firm's IceBank thermal energy storage system in 1992 and now has it installed at 31 of the district's 50 campuses.

The school district shifts 12 megawatts -- about 25 percent -- of on-peak energy demand to off-peak times, and the shift helps the district avoid almost 9 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions a year, according to CALMAC.


The company's IceBank energy storage system makes ice at night, when the demand for energy is low; stores it; and puts it to use during the day to cool buildings when the demand for energy is the greatest. The system eases the load on the grid as well as energy costs to consumers.

Founded in 1947, CALMAC says its energy storage systems are in use at more than 3,300 sites around the world. Its work and company leaders have been recognized by industry and green building organizations.

In November, the Association of Energy Engineers honored the Encinitas Civic Center in California for a retrofit project that incorporates IceBank storage and Trane cool water systems to create a hybrid cooling system. Its installation has reduced the civic center's energy bills by 43 percent and is expected to save the facility more than $4 million in utility costs over 25 years.

CALMAC CEO Mark MacCracken (pictured above) was recently named the chairman-elect of the U.S. Green Building Council's Board of Directors. The company announced his selection this week.

Images courtesy of CALMAC.