Baby Bowls Launched With Eastman's BPA-Free Tritan Material

Baby Bowls Launched With Eastman's BPA-Free Tritan Material

Baby Dipper bowl - courtesy Eastman Chemical Company

Baby Dipper has become the latest company to use Eastman Chemical Company's Tritan copolyester, a material used to make plastic products that are free of bisphenol A (BPA).

The new Baby Dipper bowl is made with the Tritan material, which is safe for use in dishwashers, has high impact and heat resistance and is resistant to odors, tastes and stains.

Eastman launched Tritan in October 2007, and it is now being used by Thermos, CamelBak, Evenflo, Vita-Mix, Aladdin and other companies to make strong, BPA-free water bottles, blenders, infant care items, medical products and more.

Lucian Boldea, business director of Eastman's Specialty Plastics Business Organization, said that Eastman began developing Tritan several years before its launch due to marketplace demand for a copolyester with higher heat resistance than Eastman's other materials, but with similar attributes like the material's  clarity and toughness.

The release of Tritan came at a time when BPA was starting to come under more scrutiny (a concern that has heightened in the years since), and there are now bans within states and cities preventing BPA from being used in kids' products. Makers of water bottles have also, for the most part, moved away from BPA in their products.