Office Depot's Green Store Delivers Double-Digit Drops in Energy Use, CO2

Office Depot's Green Store Delivers Double-Digit Drops in Energy Use, CO2

Office Depot's LEED-Gold certified store yielded a 16 percent savings in annual electricity costs and a carbon footprint that's 23 percent smaller per square foot.

The company detailed the environmental performance yesterday of its first store to be designed according to green building standards.

The site opened in Austin, Texas, in summer 2008.

The report on the building's resource consumption and emissions was based on data tracked from November 2008 to November 2009.

Information on the environmental performance of other Office Depot stores in the Austin area also was collected.

Compared to the other stores, the Austin site:

  • Uses 14 percent less electricity (kWh per square foot),
  • Meets more than 10 percent of its energy needs with solar power,
  • Avoids about 45,000 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions as a result of its solar energy use,
  • Is 15 percent more energy efficient.

Green building elements and sustainable practices at the store include solar tracking skylights; energy efficient T5 lighting; light sensors in offices; a high-efficiency HVAC system; an energy management system; internal and external recycling programs covering corrugated cardboard, paper, plastics, ink/toner cartridges and technology; a reflective white roof; a non-asphalt, concrete parking lot; a polished concrete floor and recycled-content carpet.

Those features also are key elements in Office Depot's green store prototype for new construction, which was pre-certified at the LEED-Gold level last year.

Image courtesy of Office Depot.