Honeywell Oversees $4.6M Lighting Retrofit in California Town

Honeywell Oversees $4.6M Lighting Retrofit in California Town

Honeywell is helping the San Francisco Bay Area city of Antioch transform the lighting in public buildings, streets, parks and parking lots in a $4.65 million retrofit project.

Energy efficient lighting has already been installed in seven city buildings and work is now beginning to replace more than 8,700 high pressure sodium lights (HPS) in streets and public areas with induction lighting.

Honeywell is managing the project that the city of Antioch describes as the biggest of its kind in the U.S.

After the installation is complete -- work is scheduled to conclude in July -- the revamped lighting is expected to save taxpayers more than $500,000 annually in energy costs and reduce the city’s greenhouse gas emissions by about 20 percent, more than an estimated 1,800 tons in CO2 emissions each year.

{related_content}Other project benefits include better quality lighting and lighting levels and a 20-year service life for the induction lamps, or about five times that of HPS lighting.

The project is budget neutral for Antioch. Honeywell has guaranteed the annual energy savings and with tax exempt financing, the retrofit will pay for itself over a 10-year period, city officials and Honeywell say.

More than $600,000 in Department of Energy-American Recovery & Reinvestment Act block grant money is being used to help fund the project, which has created jobs for local contractors, the project partners say.

Image courtesy of the city of Antioch.