Design Roundup: Laundry Detergent Refills, A Green Windows Phone, and More

Design Roundup: Laundry Detergent Refills, A Green Windows Phone, and More

The retailer Asda has introduced a laundry conditioner refill machine (left) at its store in Barnsley, United Kingdom, store. The machine works with pouches that can be refilled 10 times, and which weight 96 percent less than comparable packaging. Asda plans to introduce the machines, which pump out Asda Baby Soft or Asda Soft Linen & Cotton Flower conditioners, in four other stores over the coming weeks.

Packaging company Molded Fiber, which makes a variety of products with 100-percent recycled paper, now offers high-speed die-cutting for making folding cartons, boxes and sheets. The new operation also lets the company take on smaller packaging runs, with the minimum being 5,000 units. Molded Fiber has so far developed CD packaging and a folding carton for single bottles of wine using the technology.

Sony Ericsson
expanded its GreenHeart line of lower-impact phones with the Aspen, a Windows phone.

Sustainable Minds, the creator of the life cycle assessment software named after itself, has partnered with the Manufacturing Advocacy & Growth Network (MAGNET), a group that assists Ohio manufacturing and technology companies. Sustainable Minds will offer training and discounted subscriptions on its software to MAGNET clients, and MAGNET's ecoSMART Manufacturing Program will hold workshops on sustainable design.

Eco Products has launched single-use cold drink cups made with 50 percent recycled PET plastic bottles and has already signed New Belgium Brewing Company up as its first customer to use the cups. New Belgium plans to use the cups at festivals and events where they are unable to use compostable cups due to lack of composting programs.