Companies Cutting Carbon Despite Lack of Laws

Companies Cutting Carbon Despite Lack of Laws

The desire to be environmentally friendly and the promise of saving money through improved efficiency were cited in a recent survey as the most significant drivers for companies to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

The vast majority of companies that report their emissions to the Climate Registry said their future greenhouse management or reduction plans were not contingent on future climate change regulations, according to the nonprofit's annual member survey published Monday.

Instead, most members in the survey said, reporting and verifying emissions inventories are hallmarks of being an environmental climate leader, in addition to setting goals, reducing emissions, incorporating the data into sustainability reports, and encouraging greenhouse gas management for their suppliers. 

The survey, which included more than 100 Climate Registry members, comes at a time when the future of federal climate legislation is uncertain and the science of climate change is under attack. Despite the cloudy forecast, however, two-thirds of respondents in the survey revealed their short-term climate management agendas include plans to reduce their emissions.

Nearly 84 percent said increased energy costs will pose a moderate to significant impact for their company, while nearly 57 percent said the same for consumer pressure to be green.

"We believe that there are many benefits associated with measuring and reducing our carbon footprint," Greg Dixon, president of Flight Centre Canada, said in a statement Monday. "Understanding where the carbon is in our operations will help us manage the future costs of carbon and respond to climate-related disclosure requirements. And just as important to us, we want to be able to demonstrate to our customers and the community that we're operating in a sustainable way."

Nearly half of the more than 100 companies to participate in the study have established greenhouse gas reduction goals, reduced emissions and completed a sustainability report.

Hundreds of public and private organizations and companies report their emissions to The Climate Registry, which bills itself as the only voluntary emissions registry in North America.