New Enviance Software Starts Counting GHGs in 60 Days or Less

New Enviance Software Starts Counting GHGs in 60 Days or Less

Underlying image CC licensed by Flickr user James Jordan

Carbon management software firm Enviance unveiled a new product Tuesday to help companies comply with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s mandatory greenhouse gas reporting rules.

Its Greenhouse Gas FastTrack program promises to be fully implemented in 60 days or less at a fixed cost starting at $1,995 per month. The Internet-based product tackles emissions measurement, monitoring and reporting, along with online training and implementation assistance. 

Approximately 10,000 U.S. facilities that emit more than 25,000 metric tons of greenhouse gases per year, including utilities, refineries, landfills, cement producers, chemical manufacturers, pulp and paper mills, and landfills, must track and report their total emissions in 2011 for the 2010 calendar year. The new rule went into effect Jan. 1.

Yet some are unprepared for the task. An Enviance survey of nearly 120 energy industry professionals at a recent conference, for example, found 61 percent without any current systems in place to record emissions.

(Sample screen shot of Enviance GHG FastTrack shown below) 

It is one of a number of companies moving to fill the void with software that tracks greenhouse gas emissions, in addition to a number of other environmental data, such as water use, waste, and fuel consumption, among others. Approximately 35 percent of domestic utilities use Enviance software for their carbon management, the company said, while a total of 12,000 users access its larger Enviance System through the Internet from 40 countries.

Groom Energy predicts purchases of enterprise carbon management software will grow 600 percent by 2011 as the number of users increases fivefold. It estimates more than $46 million in venture capital was invested in the space last year, with a total of some 60 new and established vendors now offering products.

Research firm Verdantix named Enviance one of six companies leading the market in October, along with Enablon, ESS, HIS, Hara and ProcessMAP. With the field of contenders projected to widen as climate legislation expands around the world, Verdantix named an additional five companies that will challenge the leaders: CA, Carbonetworks, Greenstone Carbon Management, SAP and SAS.

Underlying image CC licensed by Flickr user James Jordan.