Walmart Celebrates Earth Day by Selling Upcycled Trash

Walmart Celebrates Earth Day by Selling Upcycled Trash

Terracycle products

The market for products made from waste packaging is getting a big boost this month as Walmart stocks items made by TerraCycle at all of its stores.

Walmart will offer 60 products made by TerraCycle, which collects packaging and trashed products to turn into usable goods, throughout April as part of its Earth Month campaign.

The TerraCycle items will be sold next to the original products they are made from, so customers might see purses and bags made from Mars wrappers next to candy bars, or backpacks made from Capri Sun packaging next to juice-filled pouches that could one day be a TerraCycle creation.

"It is, by far, the most TerraCycle products ever available nationally or ever available in one retailer," said TerraCycle spokesperson Albe Zakes. It is also the first time Walmart will carry more than one TerraCycle product nationally. TerraCycle also sells items through Target, Kmart and Home Depot.

The promotion marks the release of the first TerraCycle products that will not feature the logo side of packaging, instead using the white or silver side to make patterns like flowers and skulls.

TerraCycle gets its waste from collection brigades that send in energy bar and candy wrappers, drink pouches, chip and cookie bags, pens and Sharpies, empty glue tubes and tape dispensers, butter tubs, and more.

The company brings in about 2 million pieces of packaging a week from 60,000 schools and community groups, donating 2 cents to non-profits chosen by each collection group. TerraCycle expects to donate close to $2 million this year.