TRIRIGA Helps NYC Cut Energy Use and Shrink Carbon Footprint

TRIRIGA Helps NYC Cut Energy Use and Shrink Carbon Footprint

New York City will be deploying TRIRIGA's TREES software across more than 4,000 government buildings to help the city work toward its goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions 30 percent by 2017.

NYC will use the software to better monitor, manage and reduce energy consumption and carbon output of the buildings, city leaders and the company say.

The energy bill for municipal buildings in NYC is more than $800 million annually, and energy consumption is responsible for about 64 percent of the greenhouse gas emissions produced by all city government operations.

{related_content}New York City will use performance data and analysis from the TRIRIGA system to hone the city's strategy for reducing GHG emissions, which is at the core of Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg's PlaNYC green plan.

 "While many companies and government entities are taking the initiative to measure their carbon and environmental footprint, not all are actually taking that essential next step, the way New York City is," TRIRIGA CEO George Ahn said in a prepared statement.

"Our partnership will allow New York City to effectively measure energy use and carbon output, while designing an environmental strategy that will make a big difference to the city's bottom line."

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Chris Isherwood