The Best Green Communicators in Bay Area Named in New List

The Best Green Communicators in Bay Area Named in New List

If you're putting together a list of the best companies for just about anything in the San Francisco Bay Area, you can expect to fill it with a lot of technology names.

But according to a new list from the EcoStrategy Group, 11 of the 12 best firms for green communications in the Bay Area are from the tech world.

The report looked at the 200 biggest companies around the Bay and found a dozen notable leaders among the multi-billion-dollar firms. Each firm is given a score based on 14 attributes that are critical to credible sustainability reporting, including materiality, completeness and setting environmental performance targets.

{related_content}In compiling the scores, the three largest firms in the Bay Area -- those with revenues of $10 billion or higher -- also topped the scores: Cisco, HP and Intel.

But in conducting the study, EcoStrategy group also chronicled why and how companies report their data -- and why some don't.

"Even though environmental sustainability reporting is not mandatory in the U.S., many of the most successful companies make a significant effort to inform stakeholders about their environmental efforts," Karen Janowski, a co-author of the report, said in a statement.

Only one quarter of the 200 largest firms in the San Francisco area publish any kind of sustainability report, although of the world's largest companies, that number is closer to 60 percent.

The only non-technology company to make the list of the top 12 leaders in sustainability reporting was Clorox; the full list of companies is below.

To download the executive summary, visit The full report is available for free by request to EcoStrategy Group.

Top Rated Companies
By revenue segment, listed alphabetically

$1 to $2 billion:
• Autodesk
• National Semiconductor

$2 to $5 Billion
• Adobe
• Agilent

$5 to $10 Billion
• Applied Materials
• Clorox
• eBay
• Symantec

$10+ Billion
• Cisco
• HP
• Intel