Missed Toxics Deadlines Hurts Tech Firms in Latest Greenpeace Guide

Missed Toxics Deadlines Hurts Tech Firms in Latest Greenpeace Guide

Toshiba, Samsung and Dell have all taken a hit the latest quarterly rankings from Greenpeace on green electronics for failing to meet their self-imposed deadlines on removing toxic chemicals from their products.

The 15th edition of the NGO's Guide to Greener Electronics finds all three companies losing ground, while Nokia and Sony Ericsson retain their top spots.

Toshiba, which had previously been ranked third, fell to 14th, and Samsung dropped from 7th to 13th; Dell actually improved its score overall despite failing to meet its goal to remove toxics, in part for joining in an effort to remove toxics from electronics in the European market. Dell, however, was the subject of a protest by Greenpeace today, with activists gathering outside the company's headquarters with the message for CEO Michael Dell: "Michael, What the Dell? Design Out Toxics."

Guide to Greener Electronics cover"These industry giants cannot claim to be green until they follow through on their commitments to eliminate substances from their products that are harmful to the environment and public health," Greenpeace International Toxics Campaigner Iza Kruszewska said in a statement. "Companies that are still using PVC and BFRs in their products need to follow the lead of Apple, HP and Indian brands HCL and Wipro who are phasing out these toxic chemicals."

The companies most improved in the rankings this time around are Panasonic, which climbed to 6th place from 10th; Sony, which moved into a tie with Panasonic; Hewlett-Packard's move into 8th place from 11th; and Sharp moving to 9th place from 13th.

Other notable drops in the rankings are LG Electronics, which fell from 6th to 12th place for poor reporting on the energy efficiency of its products. LGE's products have led to criticism of the Energy Star certification process, an overhaul of Energy Star's methodology, and a renewed commitment from LG to provide truly energy efficient products.

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