DuPont Packaging Awards Highlight Plant-Based Bottles and Bags

DuPont Packaging Awards Highlight Plant-Based Bottles and Bags

DuPont has recognized bottles and chip bags made from plants, a reusable shipping box and reduced-material packages for its 22nd DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation.

The winners were chosen from among 160 entries from around the world, and the judging panel included representatives from Sustainable Innovations, Product Ventures, the U.S. EPA Office of Resource Conservation and Recovery, Bemis Company, Mead Westvaco and ConAgra Foods.

The award recipients include:

* Exal's and Alcoa Rigid Packaging's new aluminum bottle manufacturing technology designed for large-scale uses.

* Entropy Solutions' Greenbox, a reusable shipping box with freezable inserts that maintain temperatures for more than 120 hours.

* Coca-Cola's PlantBottle, a plastic bottle that includes 30 percent plant-based materials derived from sugar cane and molasses.

* Frito-Lay's compostable SunChips bag, which is made with more than 90 percent corn-based polylactic acid. The bag composts in hot, active compost piles, and SunChips says it can be disposed of in home and industrial compost settings.

* Clorox's new Fresh Step cat litter packaging, which used to come in a plastic pail but now comes in a bag, reducing material use by 80 percent.

* Sealed Air's and Austin Foam Plastics' Ethafoam, a packaging material that includes 65 percent recycled content.

* Procter & Gamble's packaging for Always, which was redesigned to reduce plastic use by 25 percent and also reduced the warehouse space needed for pack material by 80 percent.

* Procter & Gamble's redesigned Scope Outlast packaging, which cut plastic use by 20 percent.