Calif. Government Signs Up to Reduce PC Power Use with Verdiem

Calif. Government Signs Up to Reduce PC Power Use with Verdiem

The state of California is saving an estimated $1.4 million or more per year in energy bills, thanks to a recent executive order from governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The order, signed in February 2010, has led to a number of state agencies and schools signing up with Verdiem's Surveyor PC power management solution. The 70,000 computers that the state is now running Surveyor on are each saving between $20 and $60 per machine in energy costs.

"California, one of the largest economies in the world and the most populous state in the U.S., has taken a leadership role in setting and implementing progressive energy conservation and serves as a model for government agencies and enterprises worldwide," Jeremy Jaech, Verdiem's CEO, said in a statement. "PC power management has proven to be a potent method for achieving fast and tangible reductions in energy consumption and carbon emissions and we're thrilled to be working with nearly a hundred organizations throughout the state of California towards achieving their sustainability goals."

The PC power management move is part of an effort to meet the guidelines of Governor Schwarzenegger's executive order to reduce the energy used by IT operations by 30 percent or more by 2012.

Among the agencies using Surveyor to make sure that idle computers are not drawing power but remain available for upgrades and patches are the state's departments of Transportatoin, Corrections and Rehabilitation, Health Care Services, and the the state's Environmental Protection Agency.

Organizations that implement PC power management solutions are often eligible for rebates from their local utilities; 13 utilities in the state currently offer rebates for power management software purchases.

A PC power management summit held last year showed the ways that companies are saving millions through the simple process of installing the software on their computer fleets.

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