Jawbone Talking a Better Packaging Game

Jawbone Talking a Better Packaging Game

Jawbone packaging

The release of the new Jawbone Icon series of Blutooth earpieces also brought out new packaging that cut plastic use and switched to a recyclable material.

Before the switch, the Jawbone packaging was made with polycarbonate (identified by resin code #7), a plastic that is difficult to recycled and very rarely collected in recycling systems.

The new packaging, developed by Yves Behar and his Fuseproject team, switched the plastic components to Eastman Chemical Company's Eastar copolyester, which is made with the much more commonly recycled PET plastic (resin identification code #1) and is used to make consumer products and medical devices and packaging.

Fuseproject also cut plastic use from 126 grams of polycarbonate to 40 grams of PET, reducing plastic use by 68 percent.

Behar's Fuseproject is also the design group behind the organic cotton PACT underwear, reduced material Puma packaging and One Laptop Per Child.