Dell Launches Online Store for Greener Electronics

Dell Launches Online Store for Greener Electronics

Computer manufacturer and retailer Dell today debuted an online store that brings together energy-efficient and otherwise green-certified computers, monitors, printers and accessories.

Dell's Green Store highlights electronics and accessories from a number of manufacturers that meet environmental criteria and certifications, notably the U.S. EPA's Energy Star label, but also the EPEAT certification and other global stamps like the German Blue Angel certification.

"The Green Store pulls together products across a variety of categories -- laptops, desktops and workstations, servers, printers, monitors and accessories -- that have been built with consideration for environmental impact," wrote Dell's Michelle Mosmeyer on the Dell blog today. "Each Dell-branded product in the store meets one or more environmental standard set by environmental certifications such as EnergyStar, EPEAT, Blue Angel or TCO. When an environmental certification does not exist for a product category, we consider the material used to make the product, its energy efficiency, packaging, recyclability and power management features."

Although the most of the computers and printers on sale in the green store are Dell-branded, the company is highlighting other manufacturers elsewhere in the store, including monitors from Mitsubishi, Sony and Vizio, storage from Netgear and Western Digital, and many others. Each listing also includes a brief rundown of what makes the product green, as in the screenshot below.



Dell has long been focused on greening its operations and products, including free recycling of Dell products around the globe; the company was ranked the most sustainable IT company in a benchmarking report published last year, although it was among the companies singled out for failing to meet its self-imposed deadlines on removing toxic chemicals from its products.

The Dell Green Store is online at