Building a Greener Tastykake

Building a Greener Tastykake

Image courtesy of Tastykake

The Tasty Baking Company has moved its operations into what it is calling the world's largest green bakery.

The snackmaker, founded in 1914, has moved all production lines to a new facility awaiting LEED certification. The 345,000-square foot manufacturing and distribution plant features a "straight line flow" layout from production to packaging and highly automated bench of new equipment designed to enhance production efficiency.

When announcing the facility in 2007, Tasty said the facility was to be built to LEED-Gold standards. It expected to spend roughly $75 million for the bakery equipment and other expenses related to the project.

The site now holds seven production lines used to make its signature products Krimpets, Kandy Kakes, Juniors, pies, cookies and cupcakes. The previous six-story facility houses 15 production lines. The company's corporate headquarters are also housed at the new location.Pie production line at Tasty Baking Co.

Other green attributes include day-light harvesting, highly efficient HVAC systems and recycled building materials.

Tasty estimated in 2007 that the transition would eventually save the company pre-tax savings of between $13 million to $15 million, after facility leases and before debt service.

Tasty sold its 88-year old Hunting Park bakery for $6 million, along with the physical assets for $700,000.

“Now that we have transitioned all seven of our production lines to the new facility at the Navy Yard, we can turn our focus to the optimization of our operations there, a process which we expect to last through the third quarter of 2010,” Tasty CEO and President Charles P. Pizzi said in a statement.

Image courtesy of Tasty Baking Co.